leader's speech

Committed to the realization of the company's mid- and long-term plan "Global Ideals for the 21st Century"
Jianghao generator set has gone through more than 9 years. In these 9 years, we have kept pace with the times and constantly captured the changes of the times, and strive to provide unique products and services.
In order to achieve further growth and development, Jianghao Generators actively promotes "true globalization" in various aspects such as research and development, manufacturing, sales, and personnel training, and is committed to achieving the mid-to-long-term plan of the enterprise "global ideals for the 21st century".
As a roadmap for the realization of the "Global Ideal for the 21st Century", Jianghao Generators continues to make efforts to map out the company's growth and development strategies in various changes in the business environment, and to expand business scale as the basic policy.

Strengthen business portfolio and establish production system
In order to achieve the company's development goals, the company actively promotes the high value-added business centered on the original hardware and at the same time as a new business. While maintaining the balance of the company's business portfolio, the business portfolio has been made stronger and stronger.
In addition, Jianghao Generators has established business divisions in Myanmar and other places, and strives to establish a global production system with multiple bases for each business.
Jianghao Generators will continue to provide excellent value to customers around the world in the spirit of customer first in all circumstances.
To become a company trusted by customers
In order to build a sustainable society, Jianghao Generators will be actively committed to caring for the global environment in all aspects of corporate activities under the guidance of the company's mission.
In order to become a company trusted by customers, to be a company that employees can take pride in, and to be a company that will always be prosperous, Jianghao Generators will continue to change and challenge.

I sincerely ask for your continued understanding and support.
Chairman Feng Chunshan

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