Talent plan

The overall goal of the company's recent talent training is: adhere to the idea of lifelong learning and full-training, and by establishing a modern education and training system that is in line with the company's reality, establish a sound incentive and constraint mechanism that conforms to the law of talent growth, and form a hierarchy, categories, and multiple channels A new pattern of large-scale talent training, training and fostering a management talent team with good political quality, good business performance, solidarity and cooperation, good work style and image, innovative spirit, able to prevent business risks and deal with complex situations; a profession A management personnel team with good quality, strong market awareness, familiarity with the operation and management business of power grid companies, adherence to and implementation of the company's development strategy, and strong execution ability; a technical personnel team with a solid theory, a rigorous work style, and the ability to technological innovation and scientific research; Support a team of skilled talents with dedicated work, exquisite skills, courage to practice, one specialization and multiple skills, and strong style.

——Employee quality improvement plan. By the end of 2012, the company's system workforce has a proportion of employees with a bachelor's degree or above and a talent density of 0.80. The proportion of enterprise managers, managers, and technical personnel with bachelor's degree or above has reached 90%, 50%, and 55%. The training rate of all employees has reached 95%. The ideological and moral literacy, business level and innovative ability of various employees are obvious. Improved, post adaptability significantly enhanced.

——Innovative high-tech talent training program. In key technical fields such as supporting the company's construction and development, improving the level of unit operation control, and advancing the technological upgrade of generating units, the focus is on training 2-3 talents, cultivating multiple innovative and outstanding talents, adding expert-level personnel, and the company's system entry The experts in the national talent pool strive to reach more than three people, and form an innovative and sophisticated scientific and technological talent team with experts at the core.

——Insufficient talent training plan. Intensify the introduction and training of the company's scarce expert talents. Within 5 years, it will introduce and train 50 senior professionals in production, management, finance, law, and finance to meet the company's business development needs.

——Learning team construction plan. Taking "caring activities" and "safety projects" as carriers, actively cultivate Jianghao culture and build learning-type teams; strengthen the construction of grass-roots teams, vigorously promote on-the-job learning and on-site training, and carry out rotation training for all team leaders in the company's system.

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