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Jiangsu Jianghao Generator Set Co., Ltd. mainly sells domestic and imported generators, diesel generators, Cummins generators, Volvo generators, and provides comprehensive generator price and generator price. Our company also manufactures and sells diesel generator sets with a power of 3-3000KW, a mobile power station of 24-300KW, a marine emergency diesel generator set of 24-500KW, and various imported and special series diesel generator sets. For many years, we have always adhered to the high standards and strict requirements for product quality, adhered to the enterprise principles of survival on the basis of value, and development on the basis of quality, respecting contracts, keeping promises, and stressing integrity, combined with advanced technology and testing methods, and strived for excellence. For quality, it has won many repeat customers and won the trust and support of all circles. It is the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Management Office and the Jiangsu Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau. It has repeatedly spot-checked the quality and measurement trustworthy units. It has obtained and passed AA qualification enterprises, ISO9001-2000. Certified business. Among them, marine diesel generator sets have been designated by the state as companies specializing in the production of professional marine generator sets. Our company has good reputation, high integrity, technical precision and excellent equipment.

In accordance with the rules of the market and the principle of enterprise development, we promote development based on honesty and credibility as the basis, and strive to do business in a pragmatic manner and strive for quality. In terms of product quality and credibility, the diesel generator set produced by our company has passed the inspection of "General Technical Conditions for Marine Diesel Generator Sets" GB / T3020-97 and is in accordance with China Classification Society's "Classification and Construction of Steel Sea-going Ships "(2001), the entire unit is in accordance with GB / T3020-97. After acceptance, a certificate of compliance, seat test report, parallel test data, factory certificate, and ship inspection certificate will be issued. Our company has China Shipbuilding Corporation, CCS Ship Inspection of Classification Society, China Ship Inspection Bureau ZC Ship Inspection, China Marine Fisheries Corporation ZY Fish Inspection, Chinese People's Liberation Army General Military Transportation Ministry, Military Inspection Certificate. In addition, our company also passed the inspection of the Japanese NK in China and the British Lloyds Register (LROYDS).

And issue a ship inspection certificate. The diesel generator sets produced by our company are also exported to more than ten countries and regions, and have been widely praised.

Jiang Hao people will be committed to the future, bravely temper themselves in the melting pot of the market, seek truth and pragmatism, improve quality, adhere to honest development, and strive for greater glory with the strong support and help of all sectors of society. At the same time, we also solemnly promise that we will not let any unqualified product leave the factory, guarantee that no customer will be damaged, strictly abide by the contract regulations, and combine the regular with the non-scheduled. The contract will be available on call within the time limit stipulated in the contract, and will be repaired immediately to ensure that the diesel generator set produced by our company operates normally and works properly, and to ensure that users can rest assured.

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