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Volvo diesel generator set

The Volvo generator set produced by Jianghao Generator Co., Ltd. uses the original Volvo PENTA series diesel engine from Sweden. Volvo is Sweden's largest industrial enterprise with more than 120 years of history and is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world; its engines are widely used in power stations, generator sets, automobiles, construction machinery, ships, etc. Power part, it is the absolute ideal power for the generator set.


Model: Volvo Generator

Product name: Volvo diesel generator set

product description:

The Volvo engine in Sweden uses all-electronic fuel injection control technology with high performance indicators and high reliability. It has the advantages of excellent starting performance, stable voltage, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, convenient maintenance, etc. It has good economics and good adaptability to plateaus.

Volvo is Sweden's largest industrial company with a history of more than 120 years. It is one of the oldest engine manufacturers in the world. So far, its engine output has reached more than 1 million units and is widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, and ships. Isodynamic part, it is the ideal power of the generator set. At the same time, VOLVO is the only manufacturer in the public domain focusing on inline four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel engines. It is proud of its technology. VOLVO generators are imported from the original, with certificate of origin, quality certificate, commodity inspection certificate, customs declaration certificate and so on. The factory works as an OEM for VOLVO, and has provided hundreds of high-performance generator sets for domestic users in China. Volvo engines have the following characteristics: a high load-bearing capacity and fast and reliable cold-start performance, a low-resistance supercharger and a fast-response fuel injection system, so that the engine has a higher load capacity in a short recovery time; The heater is mounted in the intake manifold, making it easy to start the engine when the ambient temperature is low. Smooth operation, low noise, optimized design of shock-absorbing body, precisely matched supercharger, low-speed cooling fan. Low exhaust emissions, low operating costs, typical smoke emission is less than 1 Bosch unit; low fuel consumption. The appearance is small and exquisite compared with other products. Global recognition of truly internationally applicable components and global service networks. Sweden's Volvo has a large repair and training and parts distribution center in China.


I. Introduction to Volvo Diesel Generators / Diesel Generators

The Volvo generator set in Sweden is a generator set with full electronic fuel injection control technology, high performance indicators and high reliability. It has the advantages of excellent starting performance, stable voltage, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, and easy maintenance. In addition, the sub-series generators also have good economics and good adaptability to high altitudes.

Starlight series Volvo diesel generator sets are officially authorized products of Volvo, with better performance, better quality and better service among similar products. They are recommended products by Starlight Volvo diesel generators.


Introduction to Volvo

Volvo Car Corporation is the largest car company in Northern Europe and the largest industrial enterprise group in Sweden. It is one of the world's 20 largest car companies.

Founded in 1924, the founders are Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson. Volvo Cars enjoys a high reputation in Northern Europe for its excellent quality and performance. Especially in terms of safety systems, Volvo Cars is more unique and unique. The American Highway Loss Information Institute has rated ten safest cars, and Volvo tops the list. By 1937, the company's annual production of cars had reached 10,000. Subsequently, its business gradually developed into multiple fields such as production materials and daily life energy products, and it became the largest company in Northern Europe.

Product Features of Volvo Generators (Diesel Generators)

1. Power range: 68KW --- 550KW

2. Strong load capacity

3. The engine runs smoothly with low noise

4.Fast and reliable cold start performance

5.Exquisite and compact design

6, small fuel consumption, low operating costs

7, less exhaust emissions, economic and environmental protection

8.Global service network and sufficient spare parts supply

Four, Volvo diesel generator / diesel generator set supply standard configuration

· Original warranty card for diesel engine (with all accessories, three filters, electrical system)

· Brushless alternator unit manual

· Steel structure base engine user manual

· Fan water tank cooling system generator manual

· Test report of flange coupling unit

24V starter motor and charging motor diesel generator set

· Air Filter, Diesel Filter, Oil Filter Product Certificate

· Airborne control screen

· MCCB air protection switch

24V start battery and battery line

· Unit shock absorber

· Efficient muffler for industry

· Random technical documents

V. Installation of Volvo diesel generators / diesel generator sets

1. Selection of Volvo generator room

* Volvo diesel generator set requires the surrounding environment is conducive to ventilation and exhaust

* Enough operating space

* Reasonable layout

* Do not place flammable or explosive items

2.Volvo generator set installation foundation

* As long as the load capacity of the ground is sufficient, the base platform can be omitted

* Volvo diesel generator set adopts high-efficiency shock absorption device, and the foundation does not need vibration isolation treatment

* For the dimensions of the base platform, please refer to the Installation Technical Manual.

* No need to reserve anchor bolts for the base platform

3. Cooling and ventilation system of Volvo generator set

* Standard Volvo diesel generator set is closed cooling water circulation system

* Due to the constraints of the equipment room, a split cooling system or a heat exchanger system may be used

* The air intake and exhaust vents should be reasonably arranged to avoid heating return

* The area of air inlet and air outlet must meet the minimum clearance requirements

4.Volvo generator oil supply system

* GF series Volvo diesel generator sets need to be equipped with daily fuel tank

* The height difference between the fuel tank and the unit meets the requirements

* The size of the inlet and return tubing meets the requirements

* Oil supply system installation complies with fire protection regulations

* It is recommended to install an oil-water separator when the fuel quality is poor

5.Exhaust system of Volvo diesel generator set

* Volvo diesel generator sets are equipped with an industrial muffler as standard

* The exhaust system should minimize the number of elbows and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe

* Beyond the specified length and the number of elbows, the exhaust pipe diameter should be appropriately increased

* Install bellows between the exhaust pipe and the unit to isolate

6.Volvo generator cable connection

* The air switch of Volvo diesel generator set below 500GF adopts plastic case air switch, which is suspended on the right side of the generator (as viewed from the generator end)

* Above 500GF Volvo diesel generator set air switch adopts frame type air switch and floor cabinet, installed in the machine room

* Soft connection is recommended for cable connection

* It is recommended to pre-lay the cable in the cable trough, and do anti-penetration and anti-leakage treatment.

7. Noise reduction of Volvo generators

* Machine room noise reduction processing, which can reduce noise to 60dB (A)

* Soundproof, super soundproof, trailer soundproof or vehicle soundproof Volvo diesel generator sets can reduce noise to 70-80dB (A)

Specification table of Volvo diesel generator:

Unit Type Output power (kw) Current (A) Diesel engine model Number of cylinders Bore size * stroke (mm) Displacement (L) Fuel consumption rate g / kw.h Unit size mm L & times; W & times; H Unit weight kg specification
JHV-80GF 80 100 144 TAD530GE 4 108 * 130 4.76 213 2100 * 700 * 1450 1030 Obtain
JHV-90GF 90 112.5 162 TAD531GE 4 108 * 130 4.76 214 2100 * 960 * 1450 1150 Obtain
JHV-112GF 112 140 201.6 TAD532GE 4 108 * 130 4.76 214 2200 * 1000 * 1450 1200 Obtain
JHV-128GF 128 160 230.4 TAD731GE 6 108 * 130 7.15 215 2500 * 1020 * 1450 1500 Obtain
JHV-160GF 160 200 288 TAD732GE 6 108 * 130 7.15 213 2520 * 1060 * 1530 1700 Obtain
JHV-180GF 180 225 324 TAD733GE 6 108 * 130 7.15 216 2550 * 1060 * 1530 1800 Obtain
JHV-200GF 200 250 360 TAD734GE 6 108 * 130 7.15 204 2600 * 1100 * 1530 1950 Obtain
JHV-220GF 220 275 396 TAD734GE 6 108 * 130 7.15 204 2600 * 1100 * 1530 1950 Obtain
JHV-280GF 280 350 504 TAD1341GE 6 131 * 158 12.78 198 3100 * 1150 * 1600 2550 Obtain
JHV-300GF 300 375 540 TAD1342GE 6 131 * 158 12.78 198 3100 * 1150 * 1600 2650 Obtain
JHV-320GF 320 400 576 TAD1343GE 6 131 * 158 12.78 198 3100 * 1150 * 1600 2750 Obtain
JHV-350GF 350 437.5 630 TAD1344GE 6 131 * 158 12.78 199 3100 * 1150 * 1600 3050 Obtain
JHV-400GF 400 500 720 TAD1345GE 6 131 * 158 12.78 200 3200 * 1150 * 1880 3300 Obtain
JHV-440GF 440 550 792 TAD1641GE 6 144 * 165 16.12 199 3200 * 1150 * 1880 3400 Obtain
JHV-480GF 480 600 864 TAD1642GE 6 144 * 165 16.12 201 3300 * 1150 * 1880 3500 Obtain
JHV-500GF 500 625 900 TWD1643GE 6 144 * 165 16.12 199 3350 * 1350 * 1950 3600 Obtain
JHV-550GF 550 687.5 990 TWD1643GE 6 144 * 165 16.12 199 3400 * 1350 * 2000 3700 Obtain

1. The technical parameters above are 1500RPM, frequency is 50HZ, rated voltage is 400 / 230V, power factor is 0.8, wiring mode is 3 phase 4 wire. 60HZ generator set can be customized according to the special needs of customers.

3. This parameter table is for reference only, and is subject to change without notice.

Seven, Volvo generator maintenance methods

The diesel engine should pay attention to maintenance during daily use. According to the detailed maintenance process, it can be divided into four levels of maintenance.

Class A maintenance

1. Scheduled date: Ensure daily maintenance during use, check the working condition of the diesel generator set daily and record it. Use this to check the oil level and coolant level of the diesel generator set. Check the diesel generator set daily for damage, leakage, leakage, belt wear and cracks.

2. Fixed week: First of all, repeat the inspection of the first-class diesel generator set on a fixed day. Check the air filter and clean or replace the air filter element. Then empty the fuel tank and clean the water or sediment in the fuel filter. Check the water filter and starter battery, and check the heat sinks at the front and rear of the cooler and rinse with water.

B-level maintenance

On the basis of first-level maintenance, ensure that the oil of the diesel generator set is replaced regularly (250 hours or once a month), the oil filter (250 hours or once a month), and the coolant is replaced and checked (the replacement period of the water filter is 250-300 Hours, fill the cooling system with supplemental coolant DCA), and replace the air filter (air filter replacement cycle is 500-600 hours).

C-level maintenance

1. Replace the diesel filter, oil filter, water filter, and water and oil in the water tank.

2. Adjust the tension of the fan belt.

3. Check the supercharger.

4. Disassemble, inspect and clean the PT pump and actuator.

5. Disassemble the rocker chamber cover, and check the T-shaped pressure plate, valve guide, and intake and exhaust valves.

6. Adjust the nozzle lift; adjust the valve clearance.

7. Check the charging generator.

8. Check the radiator of the water tank and the external radiator of the cleaning water tank.

9. Add water tank treasure to the water tank to clean the inside of the water tank.

10. Check the diesel sensor and connecting wires.

11. Check the diesel instrument box.

D-level maintenance

1. Change oil, diesel, bypass, water filter, oil and engine circulating water.

2. Clean or replace the air filter. Remove the rocker chamber cover, check the valve guide, T-plate.

3. Check and adjust the valve clearance. Replace the rocker chamber upper and lower pads. Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt. Check the booster.

4. Check the electrical wiring of the diesel generator set. Check the motor excitation circuit. 3. Check the connection lines in the meter box.

5. Check the water tank and external cleaning. Repair or replace the pump. Disassemble the cylinder bush and connecting rod bush for wear.

6. Check or adjust the working condition of electronic speed regulation. Inject the grease at the lubrication point of the diesel generator set.

7. Align the excitation part of the diesel generator with dust removal.

8. Check the axial and radial clearances of the turbocharger, and repair them if they are out of tolerance.

9. Regularly clean and calibrate the fuel injection nozzle and fuel pump.

Jiangsu Jianghao Generator Set Co., Ltd. mainly manufactures and sells Volvo generators, Cosmin generators, diesel generators, generators, generators with a power of 3-3000KW, mobile power stations with 24-300KW, marine emergency diesel generators with 24-500KW, and various Kinds of imported series and special series diesel generator sets.

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